7 Questions You Must Ask Your Dropship Supplier

What’s their order turnaround?
When you’re selling dropship products, it’s usually a good idea to let your customers know that their purchase will be shipped direct from the supplier, so they’re aware it may take a little longer to arrive. Dropshipping Suppliers But you should ask your dropshipping supplier how quickly they turn orders around, so you know how long your customer can expect to wait. It’s important you get your supplier to agree to a timescale that works for you, and not the other way round – customers will be put off ordering if they have to wait too long. Dropshipping wholesalers UK

Which shipping service do they use?
How does your dropshipping company ship the items to your customers? Do they use UPS, DHL or another reputable carrier, or do they try to cut costs by shipping your items with a small and unreliable company? Also you need to find out what their standard shipping service is and how long it usually takes to get to the customer. It’s no use having a company that supplies great dropship products at low prices, Dropshipping wholesalers if your customers have to wait longer to receive them.

Do they provide tracking numbers?
Check whether your dropshipping company provides tracking numbers for their shipments. Most suppliers will send you a tracking number as soon as the item has left their warehouse. This is for your piece of mind, and so you can give the details to your customer so they can track their delivery – which is just good customer service. Be wary of suppliers who don’t offer a tracking number – how will you know if the item has been shipped, or where to find it if it goes missing?

What’s their returns policy?
A good supplier will provide quality dropship products for your customers, but even so, there will be times when a customer wants to return an item. Maybe it’s faulty, or they’ve just changed their mind. furniture dropshippers UK Make sure you know what your supplier’s policy is on returns; who pays for return shipping, does the customer get a replacement or a refund etc.? This way, you can make sure that your returns policy doesn’t promise anything your supplier won’t do.

What fees do they charge for dropshipping?
Some Dropship Suppliers will add fees to the price of the product, to cover the packaging and shipping for the item. Make sure you know all the costs involved in getting the product to your customer, so you can charge a price that still makes you a profit. While some dropshipping suppliers may have a fee for shipping, steer clear of any who try to charge you just to get access to their inventory.

Are they a blind dropshipper?
A blind dropshipper is one that doesn’t put their company information on the package that goes out to your customer. This is obviously better for your business, as the customer won’t be confused when they pay one company and the item arrives from another. Some dropship suppliers will even put your company name on the packaging, which looks even more professional, so it’s worth asking. Furniture dropshippers

What is their account management setup?
Finally, you want to make sure that after you’ve placed your order, you know who you can get in touch with to check any details, or sort things out if anything goes wrong. Good suppliers of dropship products will look after their customers, and be keen to develop a long-term, profitable relationship. There’s nothing worse than having to chase your supplier for information, when you should be getting on with building your business.

It’s important to make sure that, when you’ve sourced a genuine dropship supplier, you find out how they operate, so you know how to manage your business with your customers. Make sure you ask enough questions to find out if your dropshipping supplier operates the way you’d like them to. If they don’t, ask them if they can be flexible. If they can’t, then despite the fact they seem like a good business, they might not be the right supplier for you.


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